Celebrities Performed for Gadhafi

All of us make decisions almost on a daily basis that could have us supporting companies we aren't crazy about. There probably isn't a gas station around that doesn't have some shady connection.

But when a dictator wants you to perform for him, I would think this is when you might pass.

Beyonce, Usher, Mariah and Nelly Furtado were allegedly paid to perform for the Gadhafi family. Furtado made news recently by announcing that she donated her $1 million performer's fee.

I can see Furtado accepting money from a dictator, because she can't make that much money. Not that I think she should have, but I can see how someone in her situation would take it. And she was paid $1 million?! But the others should be ashamed at their greed.

Now Beyonce's rep is saying she donated the money.

They need to look up Lockerbie. Asses.

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