The Oscar winner got into the small-town spirit Wednesday afternoon, bestowing his A-list presence—and A-list tipping skills—upon a homemade lemonade stand that was set up across the street from where he was filming the old-time football film Leatherheads.

Sensing a shot at fame, or at least a brush with it, siblings Carter, Chandler and Chase Fontaine, ages 10, 6 and 5, respectively, set up shop on their front lawn, hawking the thirst quencher at 25 cents a pop.

At 1:15 p.m., their opportunism was rewarded, as a jeans and T-shirt-attired Clooney sauntered over from his trailer during the day's lunch break, ordered up a cup of their finest and gave the brew his hearty endorsement.

And, despite the kids' star-struck mother offering the refreshment free of charge, Clooney also gave an 8,000 percent tip.

Clooney handed over $20 for the lemonade and, as if that weren't enough, hung around to pose for pictures.

After Clooney retreated to his trailer, and the Fontaines erected a new sign indicating "George Clooney was here!," business got booming, drawing cast and crew members from the film—though not costar Renée Zellweger—all of whom, the family told the Winston-Salem Journal, left $1 and $5 bills for their drinks.

Clooney's fleeting presence also caused local admirers to stand vigil at the stand. They were rewarded after several hours with a wave from the small business supporter.

Photo, Source: EOnline via Yahoo


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