CJ from Top Chef. At The Yard, where he is head chef. Fish tacos were great. Before getting to the pub I saw one of the guys from Big Brother on the sidewalk. He wasn't laying on the sidewalk, but was talking to someone sitting, or something. Was there a surfer looking guy on last season's BB? I think that was him.

Tonight went to the movies, and there was a film premiere (no red carpet means small budget). And who was there? Frank Stallone!

After we got out of the movie I said "Frank" into the general area of the lobby and sure enough, his movie got out and he was in the lobby at the same time as us. He seemed fit, almost too skinny. Pink shirt, very nicely ironed tucked into black pants. Was walking to the free parking across the street

You gotta give it to him for not giving up...or do we? I think we do...right? It's not like he's assaulting our senses like a Gosselin.

I was trying to remember what song he sang from his bro's movie Staying Alive (remember the Saturday Night Fever sequel?) and a quick search on iTunes: "Far From Over". It was a typical song of that time (take a listen, you'll know what I mean). Frank has quite a few songs on iTunes. He released a CD in 2006 called "Soft and Low". Although the best CD title of his "Stallone on Stallone By Request". By request of whom?

Did I ever mention seeing Gary Busey at Cirque Du Soleil? He was in the souvenir section. E said to me: "only you would recognize Gary Busey". I disagree. He looks just like Gary Busey. Hard to miss!

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