One of the down sides of this Leno-Conan debacle is that I'm tuning in to Leno's monologue. I don't know if you understand how hard this is me.

Tonight Leno said "The Tonight Show's ratings are up...you're welcome." And then he stuck that chin out and did some braggy nodding thing. Blech.

Then, when he announced the night's guest he just said Dwayne Johnson, not mentioning that Jimmy Kimmel was also on. This could be why:

When I saw that Kimmel was going to be on Leno tonight, I wondered why Kimmel would've made fun of him if he was then going on the Leno show. But I think Leno invited him to be on after Kimmel made fun of him.

Leno likes to be in on the joke, and act like he doesn't care. No one likes him. Letterman, Conan, Kimmel and I would guess Fallon are all on one side, prob Ferguson too since he's hired by Letterman.

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