Amazing Race Premiere

Not only is the dingy girl from Big Brother on Amazing Race, but the Miss Teen USA contestant who gave that f-ed up answer that was replayed over and over is also on AR. There is no way either of these teams can make it very far. Its a battle of the ding dongs.

I like the girl from Big Brother, even if she is a bit Jessica Simpson-like, and her boyfriend, also from BB, is pretty cute. But I don't think they can make it around the world.

She looks different here, but this is the one that said "and such" and made no sense during a pageant questioin. No, not Sarah Palin silly!

I didn't realize how many tv shows my grandma and I watched until I go to watch them and I keep thinking of what I'll talk to grandma about when I call her afterwards. So I prepared for a bit of a somberness to AR tonight as I watched the premiere, and wouldn't you know it- there is a grandmother/granddaughter team.

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