Blythe Danner behind me in line at the market. She seemed similar to her Will & Grace character (flighty yet serious). And yes, I am making that judgement from the 10 secs I looked at her. But she has to be happy I know her name and not Gwyneth's mom or Apple's grandma.

Jerry Van Dyke at a restaurant. For his age (late 70's?) he actually looked pretty good.

Catherine Keener, lobby of a restaurant/hotel. She was turning her head, I think so people wouldn't notice her, so I didn't see her for long.

And if he drives a white car- Mel Brooks. If he doesn't drive a white car, then I saw an old man.

And, it's not a contest, but in two days E has seen Javier Bardem and Jake Gyllenhaal. Good thing it's not a contest.

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