Independent Spirit Awards

Comments about the show as it is happening

Woody Harrelson wins Supporting Actor. Did you think the guy from Cheers would win an acting award?

They quickly show Maggie G. Is it bad that I hope she is nominated for something so I can get a better look and check out the plastic surgery rumors? (she presents an award and I don't notice any work)

Mo'nique gives a nice speech.

I know this is mean, but Mariah Carey looks like a line backer.

Eddie Izzard is funny, in case you didn't know. I like when he said something like "you stopped clapping when the host is halfway up the stairs, that's nice."

OMG a woman accepting an award for A Serious Man is wearing an H&M grey dress that I had bought, but returned it after modeling it for my roommate and she said "uh, no". But now I'm rethinking it! That woman on the awards show ain't no skinny minnie.

Carey Mulligan dresses older than she is, but yet it's kind of refreshing.

Jeff Bridges wins, and Maggie G. gives him the award. During his speech he calls her over and there is some awkward hugging and sounds. We'll chalk it up to drinking during the show.

Red carpet
Poor Rog, he can't stop with the smiling look because of the surgeries.

Mo'nique doesn't shave her legs. She says her husband doesn't mind. Oh, ok.

Oh honey, those shoes. Dana Delaney, orange you glad she didn't wear black? No.

Oh, I think someone put Baby in the Corner...and left her there for a long time.

There she is! Sharon Lawrence always pops up at these things, and I challenge you to name the last time you saw her act. (I hope my sis is reading this)

Yes, it does look like John Waters' coat is from Etsy. But I like his zing.

Vera Fermiga, from Up in the Air, looking tres unflattering.

I'll just say it- Jeff Bridges is kinda hot.

Frances Fisher, aka ex-Mrs. Eastwood, yo ho yo ho the pirate's life's for her!

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