Jesse James Doesn't Surprise

A little over a week after Sandra Bullock won an Oscar, it is being reported that her husband Jesse James cheated on her with some woman with tats. Not surprising that the woman is the polar opposite of Sandra.

Neither Sandra nor Jesse's rep have denied the report, Sandra is no longer attending the UK premiere of The Blind Side, and People is reporting that Sandra has left the family home.

While Sandra did look tense at the Oscars, it seemed more like nerves. Jesse was with her at the Oscars, and she did mention him in her speech.

Jesse seems like an ass, so many were surprised when she married him. A leopard doesn't change his spots, or something like that.

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Jeannified said...

No they don't (change their spots.) I NEVER trusted this guy. He just never had the "look of love" in his eyes for Sandy! I feel for her and his kids! Best thing that ever happened to him...worst thing to happen to her!