Oscars- A Few Observations

I have to share what I just saw on the post awards wrap up, it might be from the local ABC affiliate so I don't know if everyone in the country got to see this:

An interviewer says to Mo'Nique: "You said 'God bless us every one' we haven't heard that since Tiny Tim."

Mo'Nique says something about doing his Tip Toe Through the Tulips video 20 years ago. She then looks into the camera and says "how you doing Tiny? how you doing?"

Ok, couple things
1) The interviewer was referring to Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol who says 'God bless us, every one'.
2) The Tiny Tim that she was referring to, is dead. So the answer to "how you doing Tiny?" is, not very good.

Maybe she was delirious from the excitement of winning and/or she had some drinks.

I liked that they had a John Hughes tribute. It did seem like a longer tribute than some people get, but I suppose it is up to the producer that year, and not every year is going to be the same.

-Judd Nelson looked odd. Age perhaps.
-The movie montage seemed quite long for that type of thing
-Ally Sheedy repeated her line from The Breakfast Club about "when you get old, your heart dies" (or something like that). Not the best quote to use when the man you are paying tribute to dies of a heart attack.

What was Clooney's problem? During the monologue it looked like he might have been in on the joke, and was acting ticked off on purpose (such as during the Toyota joke). But throughout the show he didn't seem to be having any fun. A contrast to the George we saw running around signing autographs before the show

The Oscars are celebrating the best in film, which I tend to think includes good acting. So I thought it was funny that Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner presented an award, since that second Twilight movie had the worst acting. But I suppose they're trying to get the young people to watch. Also- when have J. Lo or Demi Moore been in a good movie? But there they were!
Farrah Fawcett was left out of the video tribute. If the reasoning was because she wasn't in a lot of films, the same could be said about Michael Jackson, and he was included. So not sure why she was left out. Maybe Ryan O'Neal wanted to be paid, or something.
Sandra B. isn't the best actress out there, and she has made some bad movies (she's the first actress to get an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year, though for different movies) but a lot of so-so actresses get Oscars (Gwyneth, Julia, Mira Sorvino). If that wasn't the case, then Laura Linney and Jennifer Jason Leigh would have Oscars already. I guess my point is this- it seems like Sandra is getting more attention than others have for why she shouldn't get an Oscar, when this happens all the time (have you seen that Mira Sorvino performance? It is dreadful). She seems like a nice person, so let her have her moment.
More as I think of them!

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Anonymous said...

tiny tim of Charles Dickens, picked up on it as soon as the interviewer mentioned it just as you did. Funny she didn't.