24 Is Back...For Two Hours

To keep us still interested in 24, which didn't air this year due to the writer's strike, there is a 2-hour movie airing tonight. I am confused as to where we last saw Jack, but we learn that he is now in Africa, allegedly trying to avoid a subpoena for torture.

Knowing what we think we know about torture in politics today, it seems unlikely that under Daniel's administration they would try and track down Jack Bauer for torture, but whatevs.

There is such a cross-over of character actors on tv shows, that I am unsure as to which ones we've seen before on 24 (such as the president-elect's husband), and whether they are good or bad.

Jon Voight and the lady who was Matt Damon's mom in Ocean's 12 join the cast.

Full Monty's Robert Carlyle has a small part on the show.

Summary- it was ok. It had the obligatory Jack kills someone with just his legs routine. But the African child army story line was a bit long and "Blood Diamond"-like.

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