No More Rosie Specials

Did you catch any of Rosie Live? It was very odd.

Alec Baldwin talking into Rosie's cleavage and turning her on. Jane what's her face (from 30 Rock) doing a striptease to tell the audience what crap they get (this was on the same day that Oprah had her non-Favorite Things show). I wasn't against them giving the audience anything, but the striptease was uncomfortable. They were going for a retro-style variety show, I could almost see Goldie Hawn doing a similar striptease 30 years ago, but it just didn't work.

Weirdest moment- Rosie and Gloria Estefan singing about eating.
1 in 8 Americans goes hungry.

The Wednesday night show attracted just 5 million viewers, down even from the previous week's low-rated Knight Rider. The night was dominated by an ABC televised interview with Barack and Michelle Obama by O'Donnell's View nemesis Barbara Walters.

Photo, Source: People

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