Barney's Last Video

Remember when the Bush daughters were falling down drunk at Georgetown bars? Then they disappeared and now they are in a cheesy video. Nothing gets children to straighten up like an inheritance (and I predict it was Grandma Babs that did the talking).

While looking for the current Barnie cam holiday greeting, I stumbled upon this one. I think it is from 2006. At first I thought it was this year's video, but then I saw Tony Snow (who died this year).

Anyways- Secretary Paulson tells Barney "we are out of money". Interesting that this was mentioned in this video as a joke. And now it's a reality.

I figured out this one, with Barney having a scottish accent, was a spoof when he calls Mrs. Beazley his bitch.

These have the production value of my college tv show, but I suppose if they were more polished I'd be ticked that they were wasting tax dollars.

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Anonymous said...

Mo watched the Barney vid until KKKarl showed up and Mo's mouse suddenly didn't work anymore. Some how it got crushed in Mo's hand.