Kennedy Center Honors

I don't watch every year, but this year had tolerable people and lets face it- there's nothing else on. The audience is a who's who (Queen Latifah) and who's not of celebrities (Lynn Redgrave? Michael York?) It's like the producers found a rolodex from 30 years ago.

The show had me at black musicians. After Morgan Freeman's montage of movie roles, delta blues singers gave a performance that even the stoic Freeman was singing along to.

Twyla Tharp looked pissed which makes me like her even more. Her dance style gives me a headache sometimes, but I gotta know whatsamatter with her.

Roger Daltry was giddy throughout, Pete Townshend looked unphased. When Joss Stone sang one of the Who's songs I thought "at least it's not Beyonce". Spoke too soon. She shows up later for Babs. That Beyonce is everywhere.

Some country singer is honored and that's when I hit the mute button.

Queen Latifah talks about Babs, Idina what's her name sang a very blah rendition of Don't Rain on My Parade and Beyonce rises from the floor for Memories. Damn that Beyonce. I'm pretty sure she was reading the lyrics off the floor. She kept looking down.

Babs was in good spirits despite being a few feet away from W. I like that Babs doesn't have the plastic face. And she scored herself a silver fox with the Brolin guy (who is dad to W portrayer Josh Brolin). Ah, the Kennedy Center people have a great sense of humor.

Babs had a gold sweater/scarf thing that she let drape over the rainbow ribbon the honorees wear (although she's wearing something different in the photo below). She has balls. Love her. Black choir singers come out to join in Somewhere, and it looks like Babs is near tears.

W. sat in the audience and looked confused, bored, or in deep pensive thought of what country he can bomb before he leaves office.

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