Brother in LA

The celebs of Los Angeles will be relieved that my stalker brother leaves town tonight. Or, at least Kathy Griffin's dogs, who barked when bro got his pic taken outside her house:

Allison Janney looks good, maybe the best I've ever seen her. She looks nice. Or that she's trying to be nice to the stalker! She doesn't look the least bit bothered that a stranger has his arm around her hip. Must be all those years working with Rob Lowe. I don't know what that means, really.

Look! You can see Cloris Leachman training for Dancing With the Stars...she's right there...the one dancing...oh I don't know.

If I saw her in person I would have to say "some Ovaltine...perhaps?" Ok, probably a good thing bro and I aren't in LA together. Then we would really frighten the celebs. (I did run after Diane Keaton once, but stopped before I got to was just an automatic reaction...I love Baby Boom...shut up)

I blocked out his face since he is still in LA stalking...Don't want all the celebs that read this blog to see him coming.

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Anonymous said...

Mo's seen that face before some where. Hmmm

America's most wanted?? Not sure.