The Oprah Booooook

(Said it in the Oprah Announcing voice)

Kitty Kelly's Oprah book comes out tomorrow. I have been wondering when we'd get a sneak preview. This must be some good stuff...

Oprah lived with John Tesh.

Oh wait, it was 40 years ago? Whatevs... Next...

Oprah ordered two pecan pies from room service and ate them all.

So what. That sounds like a delightful afternoon. Surely, there is something...

Oprah was a Diva at an antique store
Yawn. This sounds like every celebrity ever. Anything else?

Vernon Winfrey might not be Oprah's real dad.

Well that explains why he was willing to talk to Kitty Kelly.

I'm assuming the real items are being left to be read by people purchasing the book...otherwise this might be a snoozer.