Survivor- So Fixed

I realize that none of you beside Mo watch Survivor, so carry on.

JT should be glad he won the $1 million prize before because the guy ain't bright. Why would you trust anyone on the Villian team, let alone Russell. I suppose its possible they taped this show before the previous season with Russell aired, so maybe he wasn't completely aware of his evil ways (yet Russell just reeks of shady).

The good ol' boy JT might've showed his sexist ways by saying at the end "never trust women". But it was a man who lied to him.

Parvati (that name!) and her big smile gave two idols to her teammates- but didn't keep one for herself, or give one to Russell. That looks producer manipulated to me.

Next you're going to tell me that none of the people that win The Bachelor end up getting married.

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