This N That

Catherine Bach's husband dies.
When I first read the headline I thought "Casper what's his face died?" but that's Catherine Oxenburg who's married to him (and, since he's an actor, they probably wouldn't refer to him as husband). Then I thought "Ringo Starr?" But again- they'd use his name (and that's Barbara Bach, I think). It took some hard thinking to realize it's Dukes of Hazzard actress Catherine Bach (and you're thinking- why didn't you just read the article?)

Halle Berry and her hot piece split. Not surprised. He is crazy good looking, and is only 34. Now that he's famous, he probably thinks he has to sow some Hollywood oats.

The worst cities for *cough* ozone *achooo* pollution (I guess you'd have to know I live in LA to get that).

10 years later, the U.S. Women's Gymnatics team gets a bronze medal since China had an underage competitor. How did that take 10 years?

Navy to allow women on subs. File this under: Bull sh*t, archaic rules I was unaware of until they were reversed.

A-ha, band with the genius lyrics "Take on me....take me on" are breaking up after 30 years. That is sad...sad is that.

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