Please Tell Me You're Watching Celebrity Apprentice

First of all, The Donald's painted tan face is hilarious. Last week especially. I'm surprised he didn't pay to have that fixed in post.

Then there is Bret Michaels who looks awesome (sarcastic) in the bandana with a suit. And he drools over every woman, including CNBC's Erin Burnett who is pretty, but sheesh Bret take a cold shower. And the episode where he presented the check to two kids with diabetes, while talking about his partying(definitely not recommended when you have diabetes) was classic Bret.

Sharon Osbourne has such balls, it's entertaining.

And if you haven't already lost faith in the political system, Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagoevich (however spelled) will take you there. Not only does he not know how to text or email, he can't use A COMPUTER. Why wouldn't he at least have his children show him how before he came on the show, let alone learn how WHILE IN OFFICE. And he had to ask Bret to explain what a 3D interactive display was. Now, I'm thinking the word interactive threw him off, because he has to know what 3D is, right? Right?!

I did like when Rod said sometimes he wanted to live in the Harry Potter world, because that I can see. Although sometimes it sound pretty good to me too (though not with him there).