Tax Day- Free Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts

Now when they say free Starbucks I think that would be great if it was an Iced Mocha. But it's drip. And you have to bring your own mug. Ok, who can't carry their own mug right on over to their own coffee machine and make a cup o' coffee? So this gets a big thumbs down. Ain't dealing with parking for a cup of drip. Bitter.

Now a free donut might just be the thing we need on tax day- sure it's greasy, and 1,000 calories more than we need. But the wireless internet we all use is going to ruin us all anyways, so why not ingest some lard after dealing with taxes. But who even knows where a Dunkin' Donuts is? And you have to buy a cup of coffee to get the donut. This gets a nice try.

After dealing with taxes, the only thing free that would do us some good is if they dropped joints from airplanes. And then handed out pizza.