You Don't Remake Babs and Donna. Ever.

Ok, yes I did sing this at karaoke, and I can't remember if I was Barbra Streisand or Donna Summer not that it matters since I would sing equally bad. But that is at a karaoke bar where no one is really paying attention. I am concerned that J Low is singing it, or sorta singing it...because that means she plans to release it as a single. Did you see her Grammy performance about the Louboutins? Jenny better get back to the block and just stay there.

Remaking this song and the fact she is remaking Overboard- J Low is out to crush your 80's dreams. What's next? Striptease on the table where Jake and Samantha kiss over the birthday cake (you know the one).

She has some children at home, so maybe she's tired. But who doesn't know how to sing this song? C'mon now! Maybe it's her subconscious blocking her- 'you're not really trying to sing a Babs song, are you?'

And who is her duet partner? You know the studio is going for Chingy, or Lil someone.

Ear drums look out:

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