And The Gosselins Are Back

US Weekly was Michael Jackson news for awhile there, and now the mag is back to their Gosselin coverage. For some reason they seem to have more Gosselin coverage then elsewhere.

Jon was in France, with his new gf (pic above), talking with Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier about a children's clothing line.

I was so confused about the Ed Hardy thing, since I thought he was a tattoo artist, that I went to good ol' Wikipedia. And now it kinda makes sense.

Christian Audigier is formally of Von Dutch. Remember that stuff? Trendy over priced crap that became douche-wear much like Ed Hardy shirts are now (see pic of Jon above, although that might just be a Christian Audigier shirt, but you get the douchey idea).

Ed Hardy, who is a tattoo artist, signed licensing deals with companies to grow the Ed Hardy business. Which could explain why you see his stuff everywhere, including Costco. Christian Audigier signed a deal that lets him use the label for high end merchandise. Oy.

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