Hag-l Complains About Work Hours

Katherine Heigl complained on the red carpet about her Grey hours, and she did it again last night on Letterman.

“Our first day back was Wednesday and it was — I’m going to keep saying this because I hope it embarrasses them — a 17-hour day,” Heigl told David Letterman during a visit to the Late Show on Monday, “which I think is cruel and mean.”

Where do I begin on this annoyance...the fact that she is being paid a ton for those hours...or the fact that half of that time (or more) is sitting around in her trailer so it's not like it's hard labor.

Oh, she continues.

“I’m guessing if you’re working 17 hours, that means you’re not dead,” Letterman observed.

Heigl’s reply: “What if, however, Dave, I was in a bed in a coma for 17 hours, they could do that to me.”

So she's saying for 17 hours she could be sleeping and getting paid for it! What a whiner.

Source: People
Photo: AP

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