MJ Memorial Tomorrow

I'm not sure what to think of the people showing up for the memorial tomorrow (I'm assuming they are performing or speaking). When was the last time Brooke Shields talked to him? Since Emmanuel Lewis had a tv show? But, she'll be there.

Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Whitney, Beyonce and a bunch of people:

• Usher
• Stevie Wonder
• Magic Johnson
• Kobe Bryant
• Andrae Crouch Choir
• Berry Gordy
• Family friends Ron Boyd and Pastor Lucious Smith
• Shaheen Jafargholi of Britain's Got Talent
• Martin Luther King III
• Bernice A. King
• John Mayer
• Lionel Richie
• Smokey Robinson
• Rev. Al Sharpton

Oh great. Is John Mayer the token white guy? Can't we go with someone else? Bono?

Where's Jesse Jackson? He's been hanging out with the eldest Mr. Jackson (he of the odd eyebrows, non?) out in the driveway. Why ain't he showing up?

Quincy Jones has already said he won't go. Something obviously happened with MJ and QJ. Michael was dead a day or two before Quincy was talking about Michael not wanting to be black.

The two people I don't see on the list, who seem to adore Michael, are Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli. Elizabeth has already sent out a tweet (on Twitter, ya know) that she won't be attending. I suspect some of it has to do with the fact that she is old, but some (or, maybe all) of it has to do with the way this memorial is being done. She wants to be private, which I respect. Liz is a classy broad (yeah, she's a broad), even though she stole Debbie Reynolds husband back in the day. Debbie and her are friends. So she must be a nice person on some level. So I think her instincts might be right on this one.
But we shall see tomorrow if the memorial is an honorable tribute, or just showboating.

I did go on a tangent, but I would love to hang with Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds and Shirley MacLaine, sitting around drinking gin and tonics (that just seems like something they'd drink).

While I think this memorial is a way to honor someone, where were these people during his life? Maybe they talked with him, or maybe some tried and couldn't get through to him (whether literally or otherwise).

At least Britney won't be there!

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