John McClain Named as Jackson Will Executor

No way!

Attorney John Branca, Barry Siegel and John McClain, a music executive, are named as executors.

After the will was revealed, a Los Angeles judge granted Katherine Jackson limited authority over her son's estate until Monday. (The ruling came over the objections of Branca and McClain as co-executors of Jackson's estate.)

She was also granted "slim" authority to take control of the roughly 2,000 items from Neverland Ranch. (The items were set for auction earlier this year, but the sale was stopped after Jackson sued.) In her filing, Katherine's attorneys said the memorabilia is being held by a former Jackson representative.

A court hearing is scheduled for Monday to discuss who should control Jackson's estate.

Ok, so it's a different John McClain. But that would've been cool. In court he'd say things like "yippee ki yea, mother f-ers".

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Coach Kennedy said...

That is so funny.. I used to date and still remain friends with the music executive John McClain. I used to get the same response from the movie with Bruce Willis. Yeah, he is different from that John McClain fo sho! ha ha

John McClain is a honest and trustworthy person. John has always had his artist/friend best interest at heart. Michael Jackson was a smart man, by choosing John McClain as the co executor of his estate.

I guess, Michael Jackson and I had something in common. We think the world of John and consider him a best friend.