Ugh. Do I Have to Talk About Her?

Sarah Palin has resigned as governor. We don't know why. Everyone is speculating.

I have a few guesses:
-She got a taste of the good life, traveling outside of Alaska. It's like flying first class, then sitting in coach. I have wondered how she of the big ego would go back to small town Alaska life. She couldn't wait out the governor job (she's only 30 months into the gig), so she quit and will move somewhere in the lower 48.

-She has some kind of Fox News gig. Or big paying job. She realized how much she could make not being in politics. Initially, politics could be seen as a way for her to get money (all the allegations of the free crap she got). But people caught on to that.

-In her crazy head, she thinks this is the way to run for Senator or President. The media keeps suggesting this, although it doesn't make sense. Quitting makes her seem unable to multi-task. Everyone else runs while maintaining their job.

Whatever she does next is probably self serving, and surely to tick off the people of Alaska. It's a bit of an f you.

UPDATE: Just watched part of the press conference (can't stand to watch much of her since she's so full of crap)- I definitely think she got a high paying job. Trying to ditch Alaska.

(Don't you like how I complain about talking about her, then I don't stop?)

A friend of mine, a couple days ago, noticed an article where Palin talks about running (like jogging...not election running). She then talks about how she fell while running, and you can see the bandage during the debate. My friend then researched this, and couldn't find on picture that showed Palin with a bandage. So we were talking about how she might be a compulsive liar. This was on Wednesday! So, maybe something will come out that shows she's a big, fat liar.

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