Michael Jackson Memorial

I think the one part of the memorial that everyone will talk about is when Michael's daughter Paris spoke at the end. I am pretty sure I teared up.

Sure, Janet told her to "speak up" and fussed with her hair. But that is all Janet has ever known. Janet was on Good Times when she was little. I'm sure she has no idea how a child behaves without adjusting hair, and getting close to the mic. So I don't fault her for telling Paris to "speak up".

I just hope that the Jacksons really care about Michael's children and not because those children inherited a lot of money (they will have money after those debts). Also, let's hope the children weren't to demonstrate how much the Jackson's love them- should any court try and give them to Debbie Rowe.

My thoughts on everything about the memorial coming in minutes.

Photo: AP

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