AFI Tribute to Warren Beatty

This event took place last month, but aired last night.

As a Shirley MacLaine fan, I was happy to see her sitting at the table with Warren and Annette. I can't recall either sibling acknowledging the other, or even appearing anywhere together. When he gave his speech Warren did thank his big sis.

Annette is smiling in these photos, but when Warren gave his speech she did not look very happy. Annette is 50 and looks botox free. Warren is 71. He looks good.

MC Hammer showed up. Hey, they had to fill a lot of seats.

Anthony Michael Hall and Robert Downey Jr. weren't they both on that dreadful year of SNL?

Molly Ringwald. Didn't she tell a story about Warren Beatty hitting on her when she was young?

Faye Dunaway

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