True Colors Concert

My summary of the show that I'm still recovering from because I'm old and it was a long show.

Host Carson Kressley- LOVE HIM.

Nona Hendrix- Crazy lady. Snapped at the audience because we didn't understand her directions on singing along. Lots o' energy for her age. Although I'm not sure of her age but she was in LaBelle.

Joan Armatrading- Good musician, funky songs. Had a dedicated group that was diggin' her stuff. I was in the beer garden (which is on either side of the back seats, so you can see the stage).

Rosie O'Donnell- She told several stories about her mom, and her children and didn't get too snarky. I like her. If you don't, get over it.

B-52's- Very energetic. I want to be the lead guy singer. He mainly just stands there and says words, while the ladies sing and dance around. He has a great job.

Cyndi Lauper- She came into the audience, so I saw her from about 4 feet away- she looks great. Great live singer. Adorable.

Fun time had by all.
Except the people next to us that left early. Not sure what their problem was.

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