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Sonics move to Oklahoma

Ok, so I haven't followed the Sonics in years. It's still sad to see them go.
Although the team name, color and logo will stay in Seattle. So...just the current players are leaving, not really the team? Confusing. Oh, and if the city finds a new team, they'll need money (taxes!) to renovate Key Arena. Oy.

When Jack Sikma got a perm it was such a big deal.

Starbucks closing a whole bunch of stores.
Try lowering those prices!

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Anonymous said...

Mo thinks this is part of the pro-sports rip-off game. stage 1: Black mail the city into spending tens of millions of dollars to make better box seats for the rich. If the city doesn't the NBA will allow the team to be stolen. Stage 2: Fans get upset and demand a team. NBA says fine if city coughs up millions. The Alaskan viaduct can fall down but we need a brandy new arena. City caves, fans and taxpayers are billed for next 20 years and the NBA steals a team from a poor city that is still in stage 1. Players and owners get millions and taxpayers get screwed. JUst sayin