I Didn't See Clooney

I saw-

Dylan McDermott at Starbucks. He kept the shades on inside, held the door open for someone when he left, and got it your typical single guy at his age car. It was not the Starbucks location I would expect to see a celeb, in fact I thought it was almost a little shady but saw a nice car in the parking lot (turned out to be his). Yes, I am now judging Starbucks by the cars in their parking lot.

Robin from General Hospital at the mani/pedi place. Wasn't sure it was her since I haven't watched GH in about 20 years, but read online she has a nose ring so I am confirming this sighting.

The real estate couple from Million Dollar Listing on Bravo. I had just seen their ad on a bench, that's the only way I'd recognize them.

And that's it!

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