The Debates

I watched a little bit of both debates, and have the following comments:

-Romney scares me. He doesn't even try and hid his lack of empathy. Bad choice for the repubs, hope they pick someone else.

-Edwards was on fire tonight. I know there is something about him people don't like...please post if you are one of those people.
(he's an ambulance chaser? it's something like that) I sure would rather look at him or Obama for 4 years then anyone on the Repubs side (that's right, reverse sexual discrimination, how do ya like that!)

-Obama dissed Hilary. He mumbled something about her being somewhat likeable. But he couldn't hold back his dislike. I appreciate when politicians aren't phoney, but dang. He should've tried to be a little phoney there and pretend he liked her.

-Summary: bleh.

Photo: Reuters

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ET said...

I too watched the debates. It was the first debate of the Presidential election I've watched because I didn't want to burn out on politics. Romney is CREEPY, aloof and whiny. He really has an arrogance about him and I can't believe he's the Republican's top candidate at the moment. I wish someone would make him answer the magic underware question. I like Obama, he's a smooth talker and seems like a genuinely nice guy. He definitely has that JFK ability to inspire people. He seemed a bit cocky last night though and his arrogance over Iowa should be toned down a bit. Hillary has the chops and the experience but she always seems on the defense and annoyed. Edwards is likable as well but he has that Jimmy Carter peanut farmer thing going against him. I would definitely like him as a VP though. Bill Richardson is Horatio Sands from "SNL" or the other way around. He got hammered from the New Hampshire host when he brought up his tenure as Energy Secretary. Interesting debate, but all I kept wondering is who does Diane Sawyer's fabulous hilights!