I occasionally check out Koko's web site to see what 'sup. (Koko is the gorilla that does sign language). And before you think "what a loser", you know gorilla info is superior to anything related to the bimbos in Hollywood. Koko kicks Britney's a**. 'Nuff said. And if you disagree, hop on over to Us Weekly and look at Jessica Alba leaving the gym! Wowsie!

I let out a guffaw when I saw Koko's DVD wish list. Obviously a Babs fan:

Alice (1990)
It Could Happen to You
Before Sunrise (1994)
Notting Hill (Julia Roberts)
Camilia (1950)
Party Girl
For the Love of the Game
Pretty in Pink
Funny Girl
Roxanne (Steve Martin)
Funny Lady
The Notebook (2004)
Green Card
The Way We Were
Hello Dolly
You've Got Mail (Tom Hanks)
Impromptu (1990)

Love that she likes You've Got Mail. My family actually had a debate over which was better- Sleepless in Seattle vs. You've Got Mail. I prefer YGM, others felt differently. But now I've got Koko support! A ha!

Koko also would like faux pearls. How cute is that?

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Anonymous said...

I wonder which horse Koko likes in the third at Bellmont.