Why Isn't John E. Getting Any Love?

John Edwards, who keeps talking about helping the middle class is still strong in the race yet gets little or no press coverage.

WYBM reader Mo pointed this out to me, and then Bill Maher brought it up a couple times on his HBO show. Both Mo and the commentator on Maher's show had the same statement: it's the media. The media is run by big corporations, something Edwards has vowed to take on.

He's got good hair. That's about all I know about him.

If someone knows something about his politics, please post. I am going to guess that the repubs don't like him because he just might have a chance since he is southern. The repubs want Hillary to win the nomination since only the Democratic Party thinks she can actually win the presidency.

Photo: AP

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Anonymous said...

Overseas media like the BBC and the Guardian provide good coverage of Mr. Edwards.