Movie Review: Atonement

Summary: Hell hath no fury like a tween with an unrequited crush.

One word review: eh

Starts off great, it loses something towards the end.

Although, it's tough to try and top my favorite WWII book made into a movie about separated lovers, The English Patient. Swoon, I'll catch you.


Kim said...

ARE YOU CRAZY!!?? Atonement is sooooo much better than English Patient, and I'm an EP fan.

I actually liked the second part of the movie better than the first. I thought the first half screamed, "Look at me, Oscar! I'm in the English countryside, at my summer manor, speaking with an accent and wearing gorgeous clothes. Love me!"

Did you notice the shot of the war on the beach in France? It seemed like one long shot to me, but I'd have to watch it again. Gorgeous cinematography.

Anonymous said...

Oh Paleeeeeeze! look up the word Atonement. This script sucked! - Deanna