Golden Globe Winners

I tuned in to NBC's broadcast of the Golden Globes for less that a minute.

Billy Bush and Nancy O'Dell announcing the winners. Painful. They gave their opinions, for example: After Johnny Depp won Nancy said "well, he had to sing so he should be rewarded". Sure it might be what the voters were thinking (and would explain Madonna winning for Evita), but we don't say these things out loud. We like to think he got the award for his acting ability. So zippy the lippy Nan.

Apparently, there was a press conference (pic above) and one did not have to watch Billy and Nancy. I didn't know that. But what-evs. I was watching trashtastic Rock of Love 2.

Hopefully the Oscars are scrambling to get the real thing going for their show.

Winners here. The tv category had some good winners- Mad Men, the guy from Mad Men, and Glen Close for Damages.

I did pretty good with my guesses, but I think that's because those are the ones that have been winning the critics awards.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of ....
The bitchy blond is lost from the Amazing Race. I will miss her bitching. "you need to step up and make a decision, you're the man". Not sure he was in that pair. just sayin