Political This N That

John 'The Hair' Edwards on Letterman tonight.

Can someone explain to me why he isn't higher in the polls? I don't know much about his politics, but he seems intent on helping the middle class.

I think the last debate helped him, what with Hillary and Barack bickering. I did like Barack's response about if Bill Clinton was the first black president "I'd have to see his dancing...to know if he's a brother".

Remember when candidates used to lie about marijuana use? Now it's cool (note Edwards says he has tried it):

I just saw a clip that Barack would not prosecute people for medical marijuana, "it's not a good use of our resources". Well said.

What do we think of his dancing? I think he kept it reserved on purpose. Let's hope! I'm not sure if I'd be happy if he just whipped out the Running Man or flipped Ellen around and mimic slapped her a**. Ok the Running Man is at least 10 yrs old, but you know what I mean.

Maybe I'll choose which candidate I like from watching You Tube clips.


Kim said...

I'm not sure why Edwards doesn't do better in the Dem primary, either. Is it because he has John Kerry stink still on him from four years ago?

Am I the only person who thought Obama's comment about "I'd have to see how he dances" was kind of racist? If a white person said that about a black person the whitey would be ostracized, humiliated and condemned! I heard it in real time during the debate and thought it was a major blunder. Turns out I was wrong (again).

Anonymous said...

John Edwards wants to help the middle class. The media is owned by the ruling class. The media doesn't like John. They won't give him any air time or exposure. All the more reason to vote for him. GE/NBC for example make hundreds of billions from the war and want that to continue. So why would they give any time to some one that might end their gravy train?

Anonymous said...

And another thing, Dennis K is out of the race. Dennis is my hero in more than one way. He isn't afraid to say what needs to be said. He is trying to impeach the law breaking (insert your own expletive). Besides he is short and has a beautiful wife just like mo. Just sayin