At Last- The President and First Lady

I admit I am curious why President and Mrs. Obama are dancing to "At Last" at each ball. But I've never paid attention to Presidential balls before, so I don't know if this is the norm.

Yeah, I'll say it- I want them to bust a move to MC Hammer or Rob Base. Just to mess with people. Chris Matthews would pee on himself.

Chris Matthews is tired and in love with Obama. He is saying some weird sh*t. He compared Obama's methodical dancing to politics. Maybe he's drunk. It's like the time at my Oscar party I compared Gwyneths breasts in that black mesh dress (you know the one) to baby hamster heads. Drinking brings out weird analogies.

Love the dress.

My new nemesis, Beyonce, sang for the first dance.

A shout out to Jill Biden and her style (or stylist).

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