Introducing...David Baldwin

Maria Menenunuwhatever might be drunk. She is interviewing celebrities for MSNBC outside the Creative Coalition Ball and couldn't identify Billy Baldwin, saying "We have a Baldwin in our presence...say hello to David."

It appeared as though she thought he was David Baldwin. I think Billy thought the same thing as he turned beet red, wondering how his career went so off track that now he's not even being mistaken as an actual Baldwin (Alec, Stephen, Daniel) but as David.

She never calls him Billy. If this was Joan Rivers, I would understand. Finally, Maria makes another mention to David. Aha, he's the guy back in the studio behind the desk. Billy looks relieved that the David reference was not to him. Billy leaves, with some shred of dignity.

Then, Maria whips out the name "Cheryl Hines". How she knew that name and not Billy Baldwin I don't know. Perhaps the producer in her ear is a Curb Your Enthusiasm fan. Maria then tells Cheryl that Michelle Obama changed outfits from ball to ball. Uh, no. She is dancing to 'At Last' over and over and over, in the same white dress. After a whopping two interviews, Maria hands it over to the studio.

David Shuster then says about Cheryl Hines: "I've never seen anyone so bubbly at 12:20 in the morning." Really?

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