We Are One Celebration

The festivities have begun.

How do these people go to the bathroom? I think they're not leaving their spots until after the Inauguration on Tuesday.

They are sitting on the port-a-potty.

The first openly gay episcopal bishop delivers the invocation.

Uh, ya. That's the boss.

Did Bush get Denzel? I don't think so.

You Got Mail is sooo much better than Sleepless in Seattle.

Bettye Lavette and Jon Bon Jovi. RAWK ON!

Ok, so we have some Josh Groban in there, they can't all be cool. (with Heather Headley who I think is a Broadway actress)


Laura Linney

Mary J. Blige. Sing it sista.

Jamie Foxx

40 Year Old Virg Steve Carell

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