Hello TV, My Old Friend

TV is back.

Today I saw a gem on tv, that I didn't even know was in production- "Confessions of a Teen Idol" on VH-1. While Jeremy Jackson, David Chokachi and Jamie Walters are names I barely recognize (the first two are Baywatch, the latter 90210), I'm sure people younger than me don't know Billy Hufsey (Fame), Christopher Atkins (Blue Lagoon) and Adrian Zmed (Grease 2) and I clearly remember them on the pages of Tiger Beat. Eric Nies from the first Real World is there also, in all his wannabe hippie style.

You say Grease 2 and I'm there.

24 is on tomorrow and Monday for 2 hrs both nights. I better clean up space on my DVR- the Golden Globes is also on tomorrow.

30 Rock was new this week, and even though The Office was a rerun, it was a funny rerun so that was ok.

Lost premiere is January 21.

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