Rock of Love Bus Irony

Or maybe it's not ironic, but funny all the same. During a hockey challenge, the contestants tried to get Baby Bret in the goal. Baby Bret was a baby doll, so baby had the same hair as daddy Bret. Literally, the same hair. If you've seen him, you know that is some plastic hair.

Melissa fell on her implant and ruptured it. She went to the doctor, and it is leaking. She didn't seem too worried. She also didn't know if she had saline or silicone implants. She got the boot after the girls ratted her for calling a boyfriend and making fun of Bret's hair.

She told the cameras after she left, something like, "I have a busted boob, busted wrist...just not worth it."

Confessions of a Teen Idol contestants must've gone through rigorous mental evaluations because they are repeatedly put through embarassing tasks. While watching you wonder if the producers just won't be happy until one of them jumps off the roof.

Christopher Atkins was voted, by a focus group, as the one most likely to restart a career. When they went to a spa, he was told he has a lot of UV damage. He's 47.

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