Inauguration Talk

I know it's not nice to make comments about the handicapped, funny/odd is it that the day Cheney is out of power he is in a wheelchair?

The power fueled him. Or, satan help keep him on his feet, and now has no use for him. It's something like that. Also, he hurt his back moving stuff. Would this be documents that we should have on file? Dead bodies? Skulls of puppies he ate for lunch? What?

I would rather stuff a hundred hand warmer thingys in my pants then wear that hat.

It's purple scarf time!

That's not a hat, it's a Rockefeller tree decoration.

You knew Oprah would be there.

I liked Jill Biden's look. I'm sure someone, somewhere is saying it's too young of a look for her.

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Anonymous said...

Mo heard that the temperature dropped another 10 degrees when Barbara Bush aka. Satan walked in. Some even say Cheney quivered.