Awards Part 5

Renee Z. and all her poutiness introduces clips from The Reader.

Terrence Howard and Megan Fox announce Best Actor TV Movie- Paul Giamatti for John Adams.

In the pre-show, Megan Fox was saying how she thinks she looks like a man and how she is very insecure...but she does have a 22inch waist.

Glenn Close and Laurence Fishburne announce Best TV Show Musical/Comedy-
That's quite an outfit, Glenn. She compares snazzy outfits with Monk's wife, and Monk.

30 Rock wins, Tracy Morgan speaks for everyone, saying "Tina Fey said if Obama won I could speak for everyone from now on." She was standing behind him, can't tell if she thought his speech was funny or not.


Pierce Brosnan introduces clips from Mamma Mia.

P.Diddy and Kate Beckinsale announce Best Original Score- Slumdog Millionaire.

David Duchovny and Jane from 30 Rock announce Best Actress TV Series Musical/Comedy.
David relays a weird story- his wife texted him that their son is sad that he lost an award, because he wants dad to come home happy. Uh, since you just went to rehab, I don't think I'd imply that your child is afraid you won't come home happy.

Tina Fey wins. Yeah.


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