Award Part 4

Tom Brokaw comes on stage he introduces clips to Frost/Nixon.

Colin Farrell introduces Best Foreign Language Film. As he sniffles he says "getting over a cold...not the other thing it used to be". A movie from Israel wins. Glenn Close mumbled something after the guy from Israel left the stage. I wish I could read lips.

Maggie G. and Aaron Echart announce Best Actress-Mini Series or Movie.

Laura Linney wins for John Adams. Ok maybe that was her earlier I thought was Helen Hunt.

Another commercial.

Let's take this time to check out some hilarious red carpet pics:

J.Lo get over yourself.


Nice pose, Renee.

Gerard Butler introduces clips from In Bruges.

Elizabeth Banks and a thinner Seth Rogen announce Best Screenplay- Slumdog Millionaire. People love this movie.

Amy Poehler, Patrick Dempsey announce Best Actor- TV Series Musical/Comedy.
Alec Baldwin wins. He thanks his daughter without calling her names.


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