Awards Part 2

More annoyance- Eva Longoria.
Aw- It looked like Helen Hunt just gave Tom Hanks a big hug in the audience. Now if only they had Wilson the volleyball for a reunion.

Best Supporting Actor-Tom Wilkinson. Yeah! Piven didn't win.
Best Supporting Actress-Laura Dern.

I would like to take this commercial break time to point out Cameron Diaz's face.
I'm assuming this look is courtesy of Juviderm, or whatever the crap is called that women inject into their cheeks

Don Cheadle shows clips from "Burn After Reading".
Eva Mendez introduces the president, so early in the show?

The cheerleader from Heroes, and Zac Effron announces Best Actor TV Show- Gabrielle Byrne, In Treatment. He isn't there.
Two guys from the new Star Trek announce Best Actress TV Show-Anna Paquin for that vampire show. She keeps the speech short.


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